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Cycling Force Workouts

Cycling Force Workouts

These cycling force workouts will help you climb better on the steep sections and tight hairpins that you will find in the Alps. Why Is Force Important For Cyclists? The Cyclist’s Training Bible by Joe Friel outlines six key abilities that cyclists should seek to improve: Aerobic Endurance Muscular Force Speed Skills Muscular Endurance Anaerobic Endurance Muscular […]

Etape du Tour 2015

Etape du Tour Training Webinar

Training for Etape du Tour 2015? Bit worried about the climbing? Want to start your training plan? Join Brevet Coach Tom Eeles for a FREE webinar and interactive Q&A workshop that will help you plan your Etape du Tour training. Register for Free Now Thursday, December 4th, 2014 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT – THURSDAY REGISTER […]

The Sufferfest Elements of Style

The Sufferfest Elements of Style – Product Review

The Sufferfest Elements of Style training video will improve your pedalling efficiency through simple drills and higher self awareness on the bike. Now if you are familiar with the The Sufferfest you’ll note there was no reference to suffering there. In fact that introduction may even have sounded a little Couchlandrian. Elements of Style takes a […]

Bike Setup Tips

Bike Setup Tips

When taking on a sportive challenge your bike setup goals should be to find a comfortable and efficient riding position and reduce any possible sources of race day stress well in advance. If these bike setup tips don’t help then check out our Bike Fit Guide – it could be the best investment you make […]

Cycling Pedalling Technique

Cycling Pedalling Technique

Learning how to use the correct cycling pedalling technique can help you ride faster, climb better and avoid injuries. Few riders actively focus on improving their pedalling technique, so working on pedalling efficiency could help you drop your climbing partner on the next climb! Correct Pedalling Technique Expert coach and The Cyclist’s Training Bible author Joe Friel […]

Bike Training Videos | Stars and Water Carriers

Bike Training Videos #4: Stars and Water Carriers

“Stars and Watercarriers” is the fourth in our series of free bike training videos that are perfect for turbo training workouts. Rouleur Directed by danish film maker Jørgen Leth, Stars and Watercarriers tells the story of the 1973 Giro d’Italia with the same aesthetically pleasing style that won Jørgen Leth such acclaim for his other […]

Bike Training Videos for Turbo Training Workouts

Bike Training Videos for Turbo Training Workouts

Do you get bored easily on your turbo trainer? Need some direction for your turbo training workouts? If you set your turbo trainer up in front of a laptop, computer or iPad then you can enjoy some classic cycling races and documentaries on YouTube that are perfect bike training videos for turbo training workouts during […]

Bike Training Videos | A Sunday In Hell

Bike Training Videos #1: “A Sunday In Hell”

“A Sunday In Hell” is the first in our series of bike training videos that are perfect for turbo training workouts. This cycling documentary directed by Jørgen Leth is just over 90 minutes long and so could be split over two focused 45 minute sessions. …drops you into the cobblestone dust, soaks you in sweat […]

Cycling Training Tips | Brevet

Cycling Training Tips

Here on the Brevet Blog we regularly publish cycling training tips to help our guests train for their cycling holiday and arrive in the Alps in the best possible shape. We have collected together some of our most popular cycling training tips to help you get fitter, faster and stronger: Cycling Training Tips: Nutrition Eating […]

Cross Training For Cyclists

Cross Training for Cyclists

Cross training for cyclists is a something of a taboo subject for some riders, the thought of doing anything but riding your bike to get fitter can be a new cycling training concept for some. We asked expert soft tissue therapist Lydia Durkin to talk us through why cross training is important for cyclists. Over to you Lydia. […]

winter cycling training

Winter Cycling Training

Winter Cycling Training: Follow this Winter Cycling Training Program and be stronger, more flexible and have greater endurance next Spring. For many cyclists training through winter is difficult due to local weather conditions, lack of motivation and the timing of the festivities over Christmas and New Year. By following these structured training plans from The […]

Cycling Holiday Tips

Cycling Holiday Tips

Here are some of the top questions we get asked and the advice that we give in the final weeks before your Alpine Cycling Adventure with Brevet starts: Q: How should I pace myself up the climbs? A: It is key to understand what your lactate threshold is and to try and ride below that […]

Cycling Climbing Training Tips

Cycling Climbing Training Tips

Cycling Climbing Training – How to Climb Hills Better Cycling climbing training is often one of the areas cyclists avoid when considering their cycling training plan. However by including regular cycling climbing training sessions into your cycling training schedule you can soon turn a weakness into a strength and source of confidence. (more…)