Bike Training Videos | Bradley Wiggins A Year in Yellow

Bike Training Videos #3: Bradley Wiggins a Year in Yellow

“Bradley Wiggins a Year in Yellow” is the third in our series of free bike training videos that are perfect for turbo training workouts.

This 66 minute video tells the tale of how the self styled “Kid from Kilburn” became the first ever British rider to win the Tour de France.

Starting on his turbo in his garden shed in Lancashire and finishing with an historic Olympic Time Trial Gold in London, this documentary is the perfect narrative to inspire your own cycling goals and desires whilst banking some time on the turbo trainer!

Not sure what turbo training is or why you should be doing it? Our turbo training tips will help get you started.

Bike Training Videos #3: Bradley Wiggins – A Year in Yellow

Your Turbo Training Workout

Tempo Intervals with Alternating Cadence

Session Goals: The goals of this session is to smooth out your pedal stroke, improve your core strength in the aero position and build strength through low cadence intervals

Set up: As usual get a towel and water bottle set up before you start.

Warm Up:

  • 5:00 Pedal easy at 90rpm
  • 10:00 “Scape the mud off your feet” on the pull back section of the pedal stroke

Main Set:

  • 45:00 Zone 3 RPE 13-15 Alternate between 70 RPM and 100 RPM every 5:00 minutes and hold aero position for the 100rpm intervals

Cool Down:

  • 5:00 progressively easier gear finishing in easiest gear, maintain 90rpm

Borg Scale: Rate of Perceived Exertion – RPE 6-20

To measure your turbo training efforts and easy low tech way to control yourself is using the Borg Scale of RPE or Rate of Perceive Exertion. The turbo training workouts above use this scale:

  • 6 – 20% effort
  • 7 – 30% effort – Very, very light (Rest)
  • 8 – 40% effort
  • 9 – 50% effort – Very light – gentle walking
  • 10 – 55% effort
  • 11 – 60% effort – Fairly light
  • 12 – 65% effort
  • 13 – 70% effort – Somewhat hard – steady pace
  • 14 – 75% effort
  • 15 – 80% effort – Hard
  • 16 – 85% effort
  • 17 – 90% effort – Very hard
  • 18 – 95% effort
  • 19 – 100% effort – Very, very hard
  • 20 – Exhaustion

Bike Training Videos

Check out the other workouts in our Bike Training Videos series:

Bike Training Videos |A Sunday In Hell

Race Merckx to Roubaix

  • Workout Video: A Sunday in Hell
  • Workout Length: 2 x 45 minutes
  • Workout Goals: Force and Strength

“A Sunday in Hell” tells the story of Paris-Roubaix cycling’s most fabled race.

Bike Training Videos | Mark Cavendish Human Missile

Go Faster with Cavendish

“Mark Cavendish Human Missile” documents Cav’s struggles in 2009 and his subsequent redemption at the 2010 Tour de France.

Bike Training Videos | Bradley Wiggins A Year in Yellow

Weight Training with Wiggins

  • Workout Video: A Year in Yellow
  • Workout Length: 66 minutes
  • Workout Goals: Force and Core

“Bradley Wiggins a Year in Yellow” follows Bradley Wiggins through an historic year as he wins the Tour de France and Olympic Gold.

Bike Training Videos | Stars and Water Carriers

The Italian Job

Stars and Water Carriers follows the 1973 Giro d’Italia as Eddy Merckx races through the Italian Alps in search of his 4th Maglia Rosa.

Bike Training Videos | British Cycling Road to Glory

Your Road to Glory

“British Cycling Road to Glory” is a five-part documentary following an historic year for British Cycling and Team Sky.

Bike Training Videos | Road to Paris

Ride Clean!

  • Workout Video: Road to Paris
  • Workout Length: 50 minutes
  • Workout Goal: Functional Threshold Power

“Road to Paris” follows Lance Armstrong as he pursues his 3rd Tour de France victory in 2001. Take out your anger with this tough Threshold session!

Bike Training Videos - Bradley Wiggins A Very British Champion

A Very British Champion

“Bradley Wiggins a Very British Champion” follows the self styled Kid from Kilburn to Tour de France victory.

Bike Training Videos Orica GreenEDGE

Aussies Abroad: Orica GreenEDGE

  • Workout Video: Orica Green EDGE
  • Workout Length: 50 minutes
  • Workout Goal: Muscular Endurance

“Aussies Abroad Orica Green EDGE” tells the story of how Australia’s dream came true; the birth of it’s first World Tour cycling team.

Turbo Training Work Outs in a Binder

These turbo training sessions are adapted from an excellent resource we recommend you buy; Workouts in a Binder for Indoor Cycling


  • Sweat proof lamination
  • Compact format rests on handlebars
  • 60 sessions building skills, force and endurance

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