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The Rookie Sufferfest

The Rookie Sufferfest

Indoor cycling training just caught up with the future! The Rookie from the Sufferfest uses the latest on bike camera footage and challenges you to honour the nation of Sufferlandria as the first Sufferlandrian stagiare on the WorldTour! Featuring footage from our very own Tour of Switzerland, the Rookie sees you join the Pro ranks with […]

The Sufferfest Elements of Style

The Sufferfest Elements of Style – Product Review

The Sufferfest Elements of Style training video will improve your pedalling efficiency through simple drills and higher self awareness on the bike. Now if you are familiar with the The Sufferfest you’ll note there was no reference to suffering there. In fact that introduction may even have sounded a little Couchlandrian. Elements of Style takes a […]

Tour of Sufferlandria 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria 2014: Race director and Sufferlandrian local hero, Grunter Von Agony challenges you to 9 days of hell in The Sufferfest’s Grand Tour. If you are looking for something to motivate your winter training then committing to The Sufferfest Grand Tour could be just the ticket. How to Enter the Tour of Sufferlandria […]

Cycling Threshold Test

Cycling Threshold Test

Your FTP or Functional Threshold Power is an important number to know if you want to improve your cycling fitness, this simple cycling threshold test will help you determine your FTP. What is FTP? There are whole books written about FTP (Training and Racing with a Power Meter). Put simply it is an important threshold […]

DigDeep Coaching Sufferfest Training Plan

Sufferfest Training Plan Reviewed and Rated

Fans of the The Sufferfest have long been (literally) crying out for a training plan that includes both high intensity indoor workouts and longer outdoor endurance workouts. The art of training is in knowing how to blend intensity, duration and recovery to maximise the adaption your body makes to the training stress you place on it. Now The Sufferfest have […]

Brevet is now an official TrainingPeaks Advocate

TrainingPeaks select Brevet as an Official Advocate

We are proud to announce that Brevet has been selected as an Official TrainingPeaks Advocate. TrainingPeaks are the providers of world leading training and nutrition management software that helps aspiring amateurs plan their training with the same ease of use and attention to detail as a Tour de France winner: Bradley Wiggins, 2012 Tour de […]