Brevet create inspirational cycling holidays in the Swiss Alps designed to challenge you within a fully supported professional cycling set up, your holiday questions are answered here.

Appreciated the safety briefs given the challenging terrain and the information on local spots – I felt I learned a lot about the area too.

The booklet you sent out showing the itinerary with Garmin course profiles was great!

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Cycling Holiday FAQs

Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: Our cycling holidays are designed to be challenging Alpine Cycling Adventures. Our professional guiding and vehicle support as well as our route design and hotel selection are all aimed at creating a supportive environment that will get the best out of you as an individual. Therefore each cycling holiday is designed to be suitable for varying fitness levels. Within the group people will have different strengths and weakness, some will love hill climbing but might be slower on the flat sections where you might be stronger.

Clearly you need to be fit to get the most of the holiday and cycling in the Alps is much more rewarding when you see your pre holiday training pay off as you climb Alpine cols and surpass your expectations.

These cycling holiday tips will help you get in shape and one of the many benefits of an Alpine Cycling Adventure is that you will get fitter as the week progresses. Following a training schedule consistently will help.

If you have any concerns at all don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our aim is that you will go back home fitter, happier and in love with your sport.

Q: What does the Challenge Rating mean?

We use a 1-5 star scale as a guide to the degree of challenge in each holiday, for more information check out our guide to cycling in the Alps on a Brevet cycling holiday.

Q: Will we ride in a group?

A: Yes. We encourage group riding because it is fun, a great way to learn group riding etiquette and an opportunity to practice sportive racing skills. However our combination of nightly route briefings, GPS files, route cards, guiding and vehicle support mean that everyone can go at their own pace.

Typically we regroup at the bottom and top of climbs for safety and to benefit from the efficiency of group riding in the valley segments of each route. Climbing is done at your own pace and we specialize in helping you improve descending confidence over the course of your trip.

Q: How big are the groups?

A: Your safety and enjoyment is our priority and your Brevet Team will include 1 guide for every 6 riders. We keep group sizes small and larger groups are split according to average speed so you will be riding with people of a similar ability.

Q: How long are the rides?

A: Each day you can expect to ride at least 60km and some days over 100km. Each route is picked for its scenic beauty and terrain; you will be treated to a mix of flat routes through vineyards, undulating countryside tours and challenging Alpine cols.

We typically build up to one or two intensity peaks during the week with recovery and days interspersed. It is actually during rest and recovery that your body gets fitter. Longer routes either have an option to cut it short if your legs aren’t feeling too good or the option to jump in the support car and cheer on your friends!

If you look at a particular day and think a 60km loop isn’t that big a ride, then remember that riding on your local hills in winter isn’t the same as cycling in the Alps in summer! A typical 60km mountain tour here will involve 3-4 hours of riding time and we’ll always stop for coffee en route too.

Q: How tough are the hills?

A: OK so we can’t lie to you. We are based in the heart of the Swiss Alps and some of the climbs are steeper and longer than the famous cols of the Tour De France.

We have a wide selection of hill climbing routes; some that are long and consistent and others that are shorter but steeper (sometimes edging over 20%). All of them have stunning views and quiet roads so you can enjoy the descent. We will help you to build up your climbing fitness. The cadence and power you develop will improve your cycling for the rest of the season.

Q: Is there a guide?

A: There’s always a guide with you on the road. Depending on the route and the group and your fitness level within the group we will either be on the road with you, following in a support car, or both.

You will be able to call on us if you get a puncture or for an extra energy gel to get you over that final climb. We carry spares and snacks and stop regularly for coffee stops at cafés. Stoping to top up water bottles in natural spring fountains in sleepy Swiss villages are always great group photo shot opportunities and a chance to catch a breather and stretch the legs. You will receive a comprehensive Road Book before your holiday and route briefings before each ride and if you are using GPS you can download the route.

Q: Will there be a support vehicle?

A: For groups larger than 6 riders there will be a support vehicle carrying bike spares, your wet weather clothes, sports nutrition, hydration tablets and water. The Brevet Team Car is in constant contact with your own the road guiding team ensuring you have first class Pro Support.

Q: Can I bring a non-cycling friend or partner?

A: Absolutely. We select hotels that are in the heart of nature with lost to do for non-cyclists from hiking, adventure sports and chilling in local spas to watching the locals making Swiss cheese.

Q: I’m training for a sportive can you help with my training plan?

A: Yes! Our 12 week sportive training plan will help you get into great shape. Brevet’s cycling holidays are perfect if you are training for popular sportives like the Maratona dles Dolomites.

All of our sportive holidays feature local Swiss sportives that you can target as your season goal or use as part of your training plan for your main target race of the season.

Q: What bike do I need?

A: A road cycling bike with either a compact or three-ring chainset will allow you to keep pedaling steadily and smoothly as we pace ourselves up the hills. You should have two bottle cages, two water bottles and either a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit in your saddlebag.

If you have the option of having more gears in the back then do it! We ride 50/34 compact on the front and 11-28 in the back. If you don’t know what that means and are concerned at all then contact us, we’re here to answer your questions!

Q: Can I hire a bike?

A: Yes you can though we do recommend bringing your own bike. We work with local bike shops with quality bikes to hire so check out these bike hire options.

Q: I want to bring my own bike, how do I do that?

A: It’s really easy using a bike travel box. You can either buy one or take advantage of a bike box rental service. Buying one is a great investment and can be really useful if you need to store your bike over winter. We will pick you and your bike up at the airport and it will arrive safe and secure in a bike box or soft case.

You can take advantage of exclusive Brevet discounts if you buy or hire a bike box with one of our partners.

Q: What bike tools do you have?

A: We have the highest quality Park Tool professional bike tools and Park Tool repair stand available to you when you are building up your bike. If you used a very specific tool to dismantle your bike for transport then make sure you bring it unless it is on our full list of bike tools. We have access to bike mechanic in the villages we operate in so if you’d like to book a professional to rebuild your bike just let us know.

Remember it’s always a good idea to pack helmet, pedals and cycling shoes in your hand luggage, if something does go wrong with your bike luggage we can easily hire you  a bike.

Q: What should I pack?

A: Packing for a cycling holiday is made a lot easier with this cycling holiday packing list.

Q: I’m training for a triathlon will I be able to swim and run too?

A: Our holidays are perfect for triathletes looking to get a solid block of cycling training in and we have great facilities for triathletes.

Q: Are airport transfers included?

A: Yes, every holiday includes return transfers from the specified Airport during a specified Transfer Window. We’ll be waiting for you as you exit security wearing red Brevet T-Shirts – you won’t miss us!

Can’t make the transfer window? Check out these Transfer Options to work out your travel plan.

Q: Can I book additional hotel nights?

A: Yes. If you would like to extend your stay we can book additional hotel nights in our partner hotels in the mountains at preferential rates. We also recommend convenient airport hotels in Geneva, Zurich and Venice that allow you to make use of our Included Airport Transfers.

Q: Do I need insurance?

A: Yes, it’s a condition of booking your holiday that you have full travel, medical and personal accident insurance.

Q: Can you cater for special dietary requests?

A: No problem at all. Just make sure you mention them in the space provided on your booking form.

Q: Does the hotel have Wifi?

A: Usually yes there is free Wifi in the hotel lobby. But you might want to leave the office in the office.

Q: What are the booking conditions?

A: Please check out our full Terms and Conditions.

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?

A: We respect your privacy and our Privacy Policy reflects that.

Q: How do I Book and Pay?

A: That’s the kind of question we love! For step by step instructions see our How To Pay guide.

Q: What’s with the cow photo?

A: We love cows! You might see a few on the website and you’ll see and hear lots on your holiday. This particular cow is getting ready to descend from the Alp after a summer of munching the very best Swiss Alpine grass.

We live in Switzerland year round, so if you are looking for a cycling holiday with passionate hosts who share their local knowledge then you are in luck.