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Etape du Tour 2015

Etape du Tour Training Webinar

Training for Etape du Tour 2015? Bit worried about the climbing? Want to start your training plan? Join Brevet Coach Tom Eeles for a FREE webinar and interactive Q&A workshop that will help you plan your Etape du Tour training. Register for Free Now Thursday, December 4th, 2014 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT – THURSDAY REGISTER […]

Cycling Stretches | Standard Quadriceps Stretch

Cycling Stretches

Cycling Stretches To Prevent Over Use Injuries Top physio Mike Aunger from our Partners Technique Physiotherapy takes time out from looking after the football stars at Chelsea FC and cyclists at his busy London physiotherapy practice to demonstrate some cycling stretches that will increase flexibility, strengthen joints and prevent cycling over use injuries. Over to you […]

Cycling Training Tips | Brevet

Cycling Training Tips

Here on the Brevet Blog we regularly publish cycling training tips to help our guests train for their cycling holiday and arrive in the Alps in the best possible shape. We have collected together some of our most popular cycling training tips to help you get fitter, faster and stronger: Cycling Training Tips: Nutrition Eating […]

Tour of Sufferlandria 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria 2014: Race director and Sufferlandrian local hero, Grunter Von Agony challenges you to 9 days of hell in The Sufferfest’s Grand Tour. If you are looking for something to motivate your winter training then committing to The Sufferfest Grand Tour could be just the ticket. How to Enter the Tour of Sufferlandria […]

Leg Exercises For Cycling

Leg Exercises for Cycling

Your glutes are important muscles for cycling, these leg exercises for cycling will help turn your glutes into buns of steel! When sports physio Mike Aunger isn’t looking after the starts at Chelsea Football club or treating patients at his busy London physio practice Technique Physiotherapy he spends his spare time helping you to ride […]

Cross Training For Cyclists

Cross Training for Cyclists

Cross training for cyclists is a something of a taboo subject for some riders, the thought of doing anything but riding your bike to get fitter can be a new cycling training concept for some. We asked expert soft tissue therapist Lydia Durkin to talk us through why cross training is important for cyclists. Over to you Lydia. […]

winter cycling training

Winter Cycling Training

Winter Cycling Training: Follow this Winter Cycling Training Program and be stronger, more flexible and have greater endurance next Spring. For many cyclists training through winter is difficult due to local weather conditions, lack of motivation and the timing of the festivities over Christmas and New Year. By following these structured training plans from The […]

Strength Training For Cyclists

Strength Training For Cyclists

Strength training for cyclists is an area often overlooked when forming a winter training plan and it could be the difference that enables you to achieve your goals in the next cycling season. Dr. Chris Bartlett is a professional cyclist, biochemist and coach at palmarès and in this article on weight training for cyclists Dr […]

Turbo Training Tips

Turbo Training Tips

If you are looking for turbo training tips you are already one step closer to getting fitter, losing weight and attaining your cycling goals. With these turbo trainer tips you will be focussed, fitter and on form when Spring arrives. What is Turbo Training? Turbo training or indoor cycling training is a great way of […]