Training for the Etape

Training for The Etape La Marmotte or Maratona dles Dolomites

We recently co-hosted a free webinar on training for the Etape, La Marmotte or Maratona dles Dolomites with Dig Deep Coaching. If you didn’t attend our training for Alpine sportives webinar here are five top tips if you are in training for a sportive in the Alps like the Etape, La Marmotte, Granfondo Gottardo or

DigDeep Coaching Sufferfest Training Plan

Sufferfest Training Plan Reviewed and Rated

Fans of the The Sufferfest have long been (literally) crying out for a training plan that includes both high intensity indoor workouts and longer outdoor endurance workouts. The art of training is in knowing how to blend intensity, duration and recovery to maximise the adaption your body makes to the training stress you place on it. Now The Sufferfest have

Choosing a Cycling Training Camp

British Cycling has taken the world by storm recently and underpinning their success is a relentless focus on improving performance at each cycling training camp. [quote]When scheduled well into your training plan, delivered at the right intensity and matching the needs of your target events, a dedicated training camp can be very beneficial. [/quote] British Cycling Insight Zone Tips for

Cycling Nutrition Tips: Go Nuts

Cycling Nutrition Tips: Go Nuts

We continue our Cycling Nutrition Tips series as Team Sky sports nutritionist Nigel Mitchell talks us through why you should be adding nuts and seeds to your breakfast. Nutritional Benefits Seeds are high in fiber, vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, protein, iron, folic acid and zinc whilst goji berries contain all essential amino acids, have the

In our Bike Fit Guide Ben Hallam, head of Bespoke Cycling's Bike Fit Studio, explains what you should be looking for when choosing a bike fitting service.

Bike Fit Guide

The science of cycling has pushed forwarded at a rapid rate in the last 15 years. One area that has been the focus of a lot of research is cycling position. This has lead to an explosion of bike fitting studios. Sports Rehabilitator Ben Hallam, head of Bespoke Cycling’s Fitting Studio, explains why you should

Sufferfest Partnership

We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership is with The Sufferfest, legendary creators of the world’s best cycling training videos. Sufferfest cycling training videos are downloadable to your computer, tablet or phone and allow you to train effectively indoors on a turbo trainer or using rollers. Behind all the motivational humour and excellent community spirit