British Cycling has taken the world by storm recently and underpinning their success is a relentless focus on improving performance at each cycling training camp.

[quote]When scheduled well into your training plan, delivered at the right intensity and matching the needs of your target events, a dedicated training camp can be very beneficial. [/quote]

British Cycling Insight Zone

Tips for Choosing a Cycling Training Camp

Here’s some top tips from British Cycling on choosing the right cycling training camp for your goals:

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  1. Consider using a premium airline for more leg room, less hassle and better baggage allowances for your bike
  2. Keep hydrated on the flight and avoid the booze
  3. Pick a destination where the terrain will suit your training goals if you are training for an Alpine sportive then you need to train in the Alps!
  4. Going for an all inclusive package means you can just focus on the riding
  5. Make sure you have an aim and communicate it; if you want to work on climbing let the team know so they can give advice and tailor sessions for you


For more training tips and nutrition advice from the British Cycling Insight Zone and to read the full article why not sign up to be a British Cycling member?

Cycling Training Camps in the Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites

If you are training for the Etape du Tour, La Marmotte or Maratona dles Dolomites why not use a Swiss sportive as part of an intense race specific training block? At Brevet we run challenging cycling training camps featuring Swiss sportives designed to give you race experience in the Alps.

Swiss Sportives | Brevet | Alpine Cycling Adventures

Jamie and Uta at the Col du Pillon: Cycling in the Alps is challenging but with our unique professional cycling support you can surpass your expectations on a Brevet cycling holiday

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