Fans of the The Sufferfest have long been (literally) crying out for a training plan that includes both high intensity indoor workouts and longer outdoor endurance workouts.

The art of training is in knowing how to blend intensity, duration and recovery to maximise the adaption your body makes to the training stress you place on it.

Now The Sufferfest have teamed up with the expert coaches at DigDeep Coaching to provide the training plan you’ve been looking for.

Sufferfest Training Plan Options

The Sufferfest Training Plans are available in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced formats and are based over 10 weeks. The key element in the design of these training schedules is an acute awareness that your time is limited and that any time you can devote to training must be well spent.

As ever at Brevet we don’t recommend anything we don’t use ourselves and adding the Sufferfest Training Plan into my existing plan has added more structure and focus and less dependency on good weather conditions to achieve my training goals.

Buy a Sufferfest Training plan online today at The Sufferfest and take advantage of our exclusive discount by using the coupon code “CHSUFFERS”

What are you waiting for? Get suffering!

Sufferfest Training Plan

New to The Sufferfest? Welcome to Sufferlandria

p.s. looking for an indoor training video that is a little bit longer?

Credits: Images, video and workout all courtesy of our Partners The Sufferfest and DigDeep Coaching.

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