We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership is with The Sufferfest, legendary creators of the world’s best cycling training videos.

The Sufferfest: Downloadable cycling workout videos.

Sufferfest cycling training videos are downloadable to your computer, tablet or phone and allow you to train effectively indoors on a turbo trainer or using rollers.

Behind all the motivational humour and excellent community spirit that you get when you join the Sufferlandrian nation is serious training science. Each of the sessions is built around intervals that will help your ability to recover from intense intervals, effectively training you to increase your lactate threshold.

At Brevet we create challenging cycling adventures in the Alps and with the help of The Sufferfest you can be ready to climb the Alpine cols you’ve always dreamed of riding.

Use the coupon code “CHSUFFERS” to get 10% of all Sufferfest cycling training videos

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