Our guide to cyclocross training for beginners is the latest instalment in our Cyclocross for Beginners how to series.

If you have never tried cyclocross then you might want to learn some of the Cyclocross Basics and then commit yourself to entering a local cyclocross race and preparing for it with the help of this advice on Cyclocross Racing for Beginners.

Cyclocross Training for Beginners

Video Credit: Check out CGN’s excellent Cycling How To Videos on YouTube!

Cyclocross Training for Beginners – Key Learning Points

  • Base your training around the race requirements:
    • Up to one hour of riding
    • Working at threshold heart rate
    • Small intense efforts with limited recovery
    • Force is required to keep traction and propulsion
    • Builds on your endurance base from summer road riding
  • Key Interval Workouts
    • Session 1 – 6 x 1 minute standing starts (full recovery)
    • Session 2 – 2 x 20 minute at lactate threshold (10 mins recovery)
    • Session 3 – Bursts of 20 sec on and 10 off for 5 minutes (3 per session)
  • Training Terrain
    • Choose terrain that simulates the physical and technical requirements:
      • Lower cadence and higher Force
      • Seated climbs
      • Short hill repetitions
      • Cornering on a camber
    • High intensity turbo training sessions simulate cyclocross well
  • Running
    • If you don’t run regularly start with some easy runs
    • Build hill running into your off road cyclocross training sessions
    • Condition your legs to switching from running to riding
    • Practice the dismount/carry/remount routine at race pace

Cyclocross Training Plans

The high intensity short duration fitness requirement of cyclocross racing makes turbo training and ideal way to train for cyclocross.

Our partners at The Sufferfest have worked with multiple British Cyclocross Champion Ian Field of Dig Deep Coaching to create a Cyclocross Training Plan that mixes road sessions, turbo sessions and off-road cyclocross training sessions:

Cyclocross Training Plan

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Cyclocross for Beginners – How to Guide

Check out the rest of the tips in our Cyclocross for Beginners how to series:


Photo Credit: The profile photo for this guide to cyclocross training for beginners is of Ian Field courtesy of our Partners The Sufferfest

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