Our guide to cyclocross racing for beginners is the latest instalment in our Cyclocross for Beginners how to series.

If you haven’t tried cyclocross and want to get into it our first tip is to enter a cyclocross race! The ‘cross season can be short and intense so by setting yourself the ambitious goal of entering a local cyclocross race you will be motivated to learn the Cyclocross Basics and put in some specific Cyclocross Training.

Cyclocross Racing for Beginners

Video Credit: Check out CGN’s excellent Cycling How To Videos on YouTube!

Cyclocross Racing for Beginners – Key Learning Points

  • Race Prep
    • Arrive in plenty of time
      • Sign on
      • Assess conditions
      • Allow time to complete a recce and wash down your bike
      • Your pit crew should visit the pits for familiarity
    • Adapt your bike and gear before your recce lap
      • Run a lower tyre pressure of as low as 20-25PSI
      • You may want to fit cleats to your cycling shoes in muddy conditions
    • Course Inspection
      • If the race rules permit an inspection lap or two then take advantage
      • Ride at a tempo high enough to take the racing lines but not full gas
      • Focus on learning and reviewing the best line for each obstacle
      • Watch and learn from better riders
    • Warm up
      • A light 30 minute warm up the turbo should suffice
  • The Race
    • Cyclocross starts are fast paced!
    • If you are less confident start nearer the back
    • Pace yourself! Use “easier”sections to recover
    • Remember to remember why you’re doing it – it’s just good muddy winter fun!

Cyclocross Racing In Belgium

Of course another benefit of getting into ‘cross is that you can become a fan of cyclocross and have the perfect excuse to head over to Belgium and experience the heartland of cyclocross:

Cyclocross for Beginners – How to Guide

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Photo Credit: The profile photo for this guide to cyclocross racing for beginners is from CXMagazine, for more great cyclocross racing reportage check out CXMagazine!

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