As a fast growing niche within the road cycling community, cyclocross races across the world are welcoming lots of beginners. Our guide to Cyclocross for Beginners will help you train for cyclocross and give you the confidence to take that first crucial step – entering a local cyclocross race!

Cyclocross Basics for Beginners

Video Credit: Check out CGN’s excellent Cycling How To Videos on YouTube!

Cyclocross Basics for Beginners – Key Learning Points

  • Enter a Race: Set a target and enter a local race – cyclocross culture is very different to the sometimes intimidating categorised road racing scene, beginners are welcome in cyclocross and the attitude is very much “anything goes”
  • Bike Position:
    • Adjust handle bars up and back 1-2cm to give more control
    • Adjust saddle height if using different pedals
    • Set PSI to 40PSI for training and as little as 25PSI for racing
  • Training Terrain:
    • Pick terrain that is fun and varied but won’t give you too many pinch flats
    • Local parks are a great place to explore and learn in a safe environment
    • Mix it up – cross bikes let you go up those lanes you’ve always wanted to explore
  • Body Positioning:
    • Descending:
      • Stand up on flat horizontal pedals for control
      • As on the road have your hands in the drops for control
      • Out of saddle, elbows bent to dampen the bumps
    • On the flats
      • In the saddle keep pedalling to maintain momentum
      • Head and shoulder still everything else moving with the bike
      • Weight back on saddle and lower cadence to increase grip
      • Hold bars on hoods
      • Keep elbows bent to dampen bumps
    • Climbing
      • Goal is to maintain traction
      • In the saddle with weight back anchors the bike to the track

Cyclocross for Beginners – How to Guide

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