Indoor cycling training just caught up with the future! The Rookie from the Sufferfest uses the latest on bike camera footage and challenges you to honour the nation of Sufferlandria as the first Sufferlandrian stagiare on the WorldTour!

Featuring footage from our very own Tour of Switzerland, the Rookie sees you join the Pro ranks with Team Giant Shimano.

Rookie Trailer

Rookie Training Session

The Rookie training session is designed by expert coach Neal Henderson to increase your speed and endurance over three 10 minute intervals in a 55 minute workout:

The Rookie Sufferfest

The workout is set to the incredible on bike camera footage captured by the team at the Tour of California and Tour of Switzerland:

Be The Rookie

Have you got what it take to make it on the world stage?

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Buy The Rookie online today at The Sufferfest and take advantage of our exclusive discount by using the coupon code “CHSUFFERS”

Ride in The Swiss Alps

If the footage of the Pros riding in the Swiss Alps inspires you then check out some of the our favourite climbs that you can suffer on here in the Swiss Alps with Brevet!

Credits: Image, video and workout all courtesy of our Partners The Sufferfest

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