Talented Matese rider Carl Attard on the Col du Pillon in preparation for the Maltese National Championships on a Brevet Bespoke Training Camp

Brevet Bespoke – Skiing and Cycling Trip

When talented Maltese rider Carl Attard saw that Switzerland was still enjoying fresh snow he had a crazy idea “Could I get in some quality cycling training in the Alps whilst my family ski?” The answer with Brevet Bespoke was always going to be “Yes!” Fresh Powder and Col Christening Winter 2012/3 has been incredible

Accenture Enduro Challenge

Brevet Bespoke: Accenture Enduro Challenge Training Camp

A team of triathletes from management consultancy Accenture recently trained for the Enduro Challenge ultra triathlon on a Brevet Bespoke training camp in the Swiss Alps. The Enduro Challenge The Enduro Challenge pits corporate teams against each other to race from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Competing in teams of six,