A team of triathletes from management consultancy Accenture recently trained for the Enduro Challenge ultra triathlon on a Brevet Bespoke training camp in the Swiss Alps.

The Enduro Challenge

The Enduro Challenge pits corporate teams against each other to race from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Competing in teams of six, the Enduro Challenge is a three leg relay race;

  • 14km run from London to Dover
  • 35km+ swim across the English Channel
  • 300km bike ride from Calais to Paris

In 2011 Accenture narrowly missed out on winning the Enduro Challenge and driven on by the taste of possible success they recently completed an Enduro Challenge camp in the Swiss Alps guided by Brevet and coached by former World Champion triathlete Richard Hobson of TriLiving.

Accenture Enduro Challenge - Cycling

Swiss Alps – Perfect Training Environment

The Accenture Enduro Challenge Team had simple requirements for their training camp;

  • Inspirational scenery
  • Minimal transfers to training venues
  • Replicate swimming the Channel at night

I think the Brevet Bespoke service hit the mark;

[quote]Excellent hospitality, extraordinary local knowledge from our guides and great choice of location for all aspects of triathlon training[/quote]

Alex, Accenture Enduro Challenge Team

Enduro Challenge: Swimming Training

From our Alpine base in Les Diablerets the team were able to stroll down to the 25m outdoor pool for drill sessions led by Coach Richard Hobson.

Accenture Enduro Challenge - Swim

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Against the backdrop of the Diablerets massif it was an inspirational setting for an excellent swim training session. After running, cycling and swimming on the same day the team treated themselves to a well earned beer in town before their gourmet meal at our boutique hotel in the Swiss Alps.

To replicate swimming the Channel at night and having to do one hour swim sets with a lengthy break in between, Brevet set up a swim course at Lac Retaud, 1685m up in the Swiss Alps. The team completed a one hour set as the sun set and warmed up with hot chocolate and Rosti – a typical Swiss delicacy perfect for refueling.

Accenture Enduro Challenge - Open Water Swimming

After a one hour break and with glow sticks marking the swim course, the team took to the

inky black waters for their second set. This was truly memorable training session and one we were very proud to be a part of.

[quote]Cold water swimming in pitch black using glow sticks to see the way was a first for all of us. Thank God for the camp fire![/quote]

Charlotte, Accenture Enduro Challenge Team

Enduro Challenge: Bike Training

Les Diablerets is a versatile base for cycling and the Accenture team were able to take advantage of the varying terrain to fit in a 60km hilly ride, 40km rest day spin and a mammoth 120km tour with two 60km loops using the hotel as a midway base point. The combination of flexible routes suited the mixed climbing ability of the group perfectly.

Accenture Enduro Challenge - Bike

Enduro Challenge: Run Training

Accenture Enduro Challenge - RunWith minimal transfers a key objective, the team took advantage of the stunning setting and ran from the hotel door to a specialized off road training area where fresh wood chip paths, rushing rivers and enchanting woods made a pleasant change from squeezing in run/commute sessions during busy London lives.

[quote]The trail was stunning, and also great if you wanted to combine with strength training with the exercise stations on the way around. wood chip is much better than pounding concrete too.[/quote]

Lorna, Accenture Enduro Challenge Team


Bespoke Training Camps in the Swiss Alps

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