Merino cycling jerseys are made from merino wool. This is a premium quality raw material used to make merino cycling jerseys that have performance comparable to synthetic man made cycling jerseys and a feel that is infinitely better.

Benefits of Merino Cycling Jerseys

There are many ways in which merino can outperform the most modern synthetic cycling jerseys:

  • Wicks away moisture and retains heat when cool
  • Wool retains your body warmth when you are wet
  • Merino contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties
  • Merino is one of the softest and lightest wools
  • Merino wool offers an excellent weight to warmth ratio

Soigneur Cycling Jerseys

Soigneur are based in Rotorua in New Zealand and hand make vintage merino wool cycling jerseys.

David Carman and his team of specialists make cycling jerseys honouring some of the great of cycling from Anquetil to Coppi, Tom Simpson to Hugo Koblet.

Hugo Koblet

merino cycling jerseys Soigneur

Hugo Koblet was a Swiss rider who had over 70 professional wins including the 1951 Tour de France.

He was famously charming an nicknamed the Pédaleur de Charme and was reputed to carry a sponge, comb and a bottle of cologne so that he could clean up after the race before he met the photographers.

Win a Soigneur Merino Cycling Jersey

Soigneur are offering the chance to win a merino cycling jersey – good luck!

Wear Your Merino Cycling Jersey in the Alps

Where else is better to wear your Merino cycling jersey than the Swiss Alps? Honour the vintage cycling tops made by Soigneur by climbing some of Switzerland’s mythical Cols on a fully supported cycling tour with Brevet.


Photo credits:

The Hugo Koblet vintage cycling jersey image and the Soigneur sheep were all kindly provided by Soignuer. The Hugo Koblet image is from an excellent piece on The Cycling Art Blog “The Pedaler’s of Charm

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