When best selling author Daniel Friebe and photographer Pete Goding sought inspiration for the sequel to Mountain High naturally they headed to Switzerland. The result is the stunning book Mountain Higher that showcases “Europe’s Extreme, Undiscovered and Unforgettable Cycle Climbs”.

Whilst the launch of Mountain Higher has triggered the usual debate as to whether Belgium’s classic short and sharp climbs warrant inclusion, no rider could doubt that these Swiss classic climbs should be high up your bucket list.

If you want to climb these Swiss giants check out our Alpenbrevet and Granfondo Gottardo sportive holidays or our epic Randonnée Alpes Suisse.

Mountain Higher Susten Pass

Photo Credit: Susten Pass by Pete Goding as featured in Mountain Higher

Furka Grimsel and Susten Passes

Photographer Pete Goding captured the wild nature of Switzerland’s Central Alps with this image of the Susten Pass that is used on the first double page photo spread of Mountain Higher. Whilst Mountain Higher usually focuses on individual climbs, Goding and Friebe couldn’t ignore the raw beauty of this epic trio of high mountain passes and chose to feature all three.

You can take on the Furka, Grimsel and Susten Passes on the Silver Course of the Alpenbrevet or test yourself on the challenging parcours of the Granfondo Gottardo where the Furka Pass is the second climb of three 2,000m+ epics.

The trinity of the Furkapass (2,436m) Grimselpass (2,165m) Sustenpass (2,224m) was also featured in Cyclist Magazine’s launch issue Big Ride feature The Hidden Alps;

[quote]Within the first few corners of the descent I know that the climb was absolutely worthwhile. This is cycling nirvana…if Sony were creating a digital fantasy world through which to descend then it would look like this.[/quote]

Henry Catchpole, Cyclist Magazine

Cyclist Magazine | Hidden Alps

Photo Credit: Paul Calver, originally shared by Cyclist on Facebook


The Nufenenpass (2,478m) is the final climb of the Granfondo Gottardo, a Swiss sportive with an Italian feel that also includes the cobbled climb of the St. Gotthardpass that featured in Mountain High.

Climbing 1,132m to an oxygen deprived 2,478m over 13.3km of sinuous high mountain road, the Nufenen Pass averages 8.5% and maxes out at a thigh sapping 13%. All that effort comes with a great reward as Cycling Weekly Fitness editor Hannah Reynolds discovered on a trip with Brevet. Cycling Weekly joined Brevet for the Granfondo Gottardo and gun descender Hannah Reynolds didn’t touch the brakes on the Nufenen’s infamous 24km descent:

[quote]By the time you start the final climb of the Nufenen your legs are already feeling it, which is unfortunate as this is the highest of the lot! The dramatic view at 2,478m is good compensation for the effort and the descent is even greater reward.[/quote]

 Hannah Reynolds, Fitness Editor Cycling Weekly

Brevet Road Book Granfondo Gottardo

The Col du St. Gothard was featured in Mountain High and The Furka Pass and Nufenen Pass have been included in the sequel, Mountain Higher. You can ride all three climbs in the Granfondo Gottardo

Grosse Scheidegg

[quote]This truly is the most beautiful Pass I have ever ridden, and with the road closed to cars, it’s an all around 5 Star experience.[/quote]

Dan Patitucci, Professional Cycling Photographer

Climbing the Grosse Scheidegg rewards you with spectacular views chosen for Mountain Higher’s front cover below.  If you would like to ride the Grosse Scheidegg then check out our Alpenbrevet and Granfondo Gottardo sportive holidays or our epic Randonnée Alpes Suisse.

Mountain Higher | Grosse Scheidegg

Photo Credit: Grosse Scheidegg by Pete Goding as featured in Mountain Higher

Get Mountain Higher

You can preview Mountain Higher online and order Mountain Higher on Amazon. Be Sure to follow @friebos and @pgoding on twitter for news of book signings near you.

A cool new feature from publisher Quercus allows you to see footage from the climbs too:

Ride Mountain Higher

If you would like to ride the Swiss roads featured in Mountain Higher then check out our  Alpenbrevet and Granfondo Gottardo sportive holidays or our epic Randonnée Alpes Suisse.

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