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TrainingPeaks Performance Management Chart

One of the questions our guests ask most often is “How can I reach peak fitness for my cycling holiday with Brevet?”

By using the Performance Management Chart feature from our Partners TrainingPeaks you can plan your training load so that you reach your peak fitness with fresh legs and confidence in your form.

TrainingPeaks Performance Management Chart

TrainingPeaks is the leading training and nutrition software used by Tour de France winners and endurance athletes who need to plan and monitor their training. At Brevet we work with TrainingPeaks to help our clients get in shape for their Brevet cycling holiday.

TrainingPeaks Performance Management Chart

TrainingPeaks makes predicting your “form” easier by calculating the impact of your existing training load and your planned future training and rest. By planning workouts with the benefit of the Performance Management Chart you can plan to reach peak form for a sportive:

To understand the concepts behind Chronic Training Load, Acute Training Load and Training Stress Balance check out this in depth explanation of the Performance Management Chart.

How Team Sky Use TrainingPeaks

From the start of 2011, all my data went on to TrainingPeaks – I would download all the information on every training session so that Head of Performance Management Tim Kerrison could assess what I’d been doing. Using TrainingPeaks, Tim would work out my training for the day – times, power outputs, cadences – he would upload it and I would get a notification telling me to go and read it in an email. So the schedules came in, week by week. I just did exactly what I was asked…and put it into TrainingPeaks for Tim to look at.

Bradley Wiggins, 2012 Tour de France Champion, Team Sky

In the video below you can see Ian Stannard’s Performance Management Chart after his winter off season. Stannard enters the period with a very high Training Stress Balance (Yellow line) – he is well rested – and then this gradually comes down as training intensity and volume are slowly increased. His workouts are carefully planned to include intense sessions as well as recovery spins (Pink line) and accordingly his fitness (Blue line) steadily improves during the first few weeks of winter training:

Sportive Holidays with Brevet

Are you looking for a sportive target to build your season around?

Here at Brevet we are specialists in sportive holidays in the Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites:

Sportive Training Plan

Are you in training for a sportive? Use our free 12 week Sportive Training Plan to get you in the best possible shape for your sportive challenge. Simply fill the form below and we’ll send you your free training plan:

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