Do bike boxes work? Short answer? Yes!

Longer answer; it depends which one you use and how you use them.

At Brevet we recommend the Bike Box Alan bike box that you can buy direct through our Partners Bike Box Alan or hire at Bike Box Online.

How to Choose a Bike Box That Works

There are a lot of bike travel box options out there to suit a range of budgets and needs. When shopping for a bike box consider the following points:

  • Will a soft case give my bike enough protection?
  • Is a hard case worth the extra money for peace of mind?
  • Will the bike box fit my bike?
  • Is there a video guide that will help my pack?
  • Could I hire a bike box instead?
  • Should I use a sportive bike delivery service and keep my bike intact?

At Brevet we recommend using a hard case bike box specifically designed for traveling with your bike safely. We recommended the Bike Box Alan as used by professional Team Sky cyclist Ben Swift and the Brownlee brothers. If you are traveling to a sportive in Europe then hiring a bike box or using a bike delivery service are good options.

How to Pack a Bike Box

Using a bike travel box is a quick and easy way to ship a bike whether you are packing your bike for a holiday or moving overseas. Following these simple tips will help ship your bike safely in your hard case bike box.

  • Tip 1: Set aside 10-30 minutes
  • Tip 2: Pack your bike in it’s bike box a few days before you travel to avoid a last minute rush
  • Tip 3: Get your laptop set up near your bike box so that you can refer to the video guide below

How to Pack Your Bike Box Alan in Ten Simple Steps

These top tips from our Partners over at Bike Box Alan will get your bike there safe and sound:

  • Step 1: Open the box with the wheel compartment on the top acting as a lid
  • Step 2: Place your chain on the smallest chain ring at the back and the biggest at the front, the tension in the chain will help brace and protect your chain set
  • Step 3: Remove your pedals
  • Step 4: Mark the saddle height on the seat post, then remove the seat post and tighten the seat post clamp
  • Step 5: Remove the headset top bolt and collar and loosen the stem clamping bolts
  • Step 6: Deflate the front tyre and remove from the bike, remove the quick release skewer and secure in the bike box with the quick release nut, repeat for the rear wheel, note there is a space for the rear wheel cassette
  • Step 7: Remove the handlebars and replace the headset top bolt
  • Step 8: Carefully place the bike into the bike box with the chain set facing down on the protective foam
  • Step 9: Secure the bike in place with the straps and place your tools, spare bike gear and clothing around the bike for extra security
  • Step 10: Place the anti-crush bar and protective foam in place and close the bike box, securing the clamps with zip ties for extra peace of mind!

Bike Boxes for Airplanes

Hard case bike boxes are a good option for taking your bike box on a plane. They will offer better protection against baggage handlers and are the best option in the worst case scenario where you need to make a baggage claim.

Our Partners Bike Box Online have a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about traveling with your bike on an airplane.

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Photo credit: The title photo used for this post is a Premium Bike Box from our Partners over at Bike Box Alan and the sportive photo is from the Gruyère Cycling Tour.

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