We are proud to announce that Brevet has been selected as an Official TrainingPeaks Advocate.

TrainingPeaks are the providers of world leading training and nutrition management software that helps aspiring amateurs plan their training with the same ease of use and attention to detail as a Tour de France winner:

[quote]From the start of 2011, all my data went on to TrainingPeaks – I would download all the information on every training session so that Head of Performance Management Tim Kerrison could assess what I’d been doing. Using TrainingPeaks, Tim would work out my training for the day – times, power outputs, cadences – he would upload it and I would get a notification telling me to go and read it in an email. So the schedules came in, week by week. I just did exactly what I was asked…and put it into TrainingPeaks for Tim to look at.[/quote]

Bradley Wiggins, 2012 Tour de France Champion, Team Sky

All riders who book on a Brevet cycling holiday benefit from an exclusive 20% discount for TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition Premium using the code “BREVET14”.

Train Like a Pro with TrainingPeaks

At Brevet our aim is to give you the “Pro Experience” this includes our Brevet Team Car, on the road guides and complimentary sports nutrion. We call this Brevet Pro Support and Brevet’s Partnership with TrainingPeaks means our riders can now Train Like a Pro too:

Holiday Like a Pro with Brevet

If you are looking for a passionate team who will go the extra mile for you then check out cycling holidays calendar and book your Alpine Cycling Adventure today.

TrainingPeaks is the official training software supplier to Brevet Alpine Cycling Adventures

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