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Mittleberg 1,640m

The Mittleberg is as close as it gets to the perfect cycling climb. Starting off with a mellow approach that quickly turns into steeper switchbacks, the Mittleberg is a climb that rewards every pedal stroke with amazing views across the Swiss Alps.

On Brevet Gruyère Cycling Tour holiday you’ll be riding the Mittleberg with closed roads and fellow cyclists for company.

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Mittleberg Profile

Mittleberg Profile


Mittleberg Stats:

  • Starting elevation:  1,025 m
  • Final elevation:  1,640 m
  • Length of ascent: 10.7 km
  • Elevation gain:  614 m
  • Average gradient:  6%

Sportive Fact File:



In the Gruyère Cycling Tour you will climb the Mittleberg from the Juan side climbing 614m over 10.7km at an average gradient of 6%.

As you can see from the profile above this is a climb of two halves; at first you barrel out of Juan on quiet tree lined roads offering welcome shade. As the gradient steepens and you rise above the tree line, alpine meadows stretch out in front of you and you quickly gain height through a number of beautiful hairpin turns.



Climbing the Mittleberg


Tom Eeles | Meet The Team| Brevet



What is it like to climb the Mittleberg?

This is a classic Swiss climb – if it were in the French Alps you’d know all about it, it would feature regularly in the Tour de France. But here in secret Switzerland you get to climb it in solitude on traffic free roads where all you can hear are the cow bells and your own laboured breathing.

Brevet Guide Tom Eeles



Climbing the Mittleberg on a Brevet Cycling Holiday

Guests on our Gruyère Cycling Tour holiday benefit from our first hand knowledge of cycling in Switzerland, including how to pace yourself over the Mittleberg, Col du Pillon and Col des Mosses in the Gruyère Cycling Tour sportive.

Profile Gruyere Cycling Tour | Cycling-in-Switzerland

If you would like to holiday like a Pro with knowledgable and friendly guides, Brevet Team Car support and guaranteed entry to the Gruyère Cycling Tour then book your place on the Gruyère Cycling Tour starting line today.

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Mittleberg | Gruyere Cycling Tour | Cycling in Switzerland

Riders climb the Mittleberg in the Gruyère Cycling Tour

Mittleberg Strava Segment

Are you on Strava? Brevet guests join the Brevet Cycling Club on Strava and benefit from the peer support of a fantastic community of riders training with a common goal.




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Photo Credits: Mittleberg by Gruyère Cycling Tour. Mittleberg by Brevet on Instagram.

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