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Col du Sanetsch Cycling in Switzerland

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Riding the Col du Sanetsch is a unique cycling experience. It’s the longest climb you’ll ever ride where you don’t get the reward of descending by bike. The Col du Sanetsch is the original road to nowhere – a very beautiful and awe inspiring nowhere from which we descend by cable car to take on just one more climb before celebrating the ride of your life with ice cold beers on our hotel terrace.

Featured in Peloton Magazine by Ashley and Gered Gruber, you can climb the Col du Sanetsch with Brevet on our Gruyère Cycling Tour sportive holiday as one of three rides we undertake to warm up for this classic Swiss sportive.

Col Du Sanetsch Profile


Col du Sanetsch Profile

Col du Sanetsch Stats:

  • Category: Hors Catégorie
  • Starting elevation: 508 m
  • Final elevation: 2,251 m
  • Length of ascent: 29 km
  • Elevation gain: 1,743 m
  • Average gradient: 6%

The Col du Sanetsch is the longest and toughest climb that we undertake on any Brevet holiday, it’s something you should add to your bucket list!

You can climb the Col du Sanetsch with Brevet on our Gruyère Cycling Tour sportive holiday.

Climbing the Col du Sanetsch

What is it like to climb the Col du Sanetsch?

Col du Sanetsch Peloton Magazine GruberPhoto Credit: Jered Gruber, Peloton Magazine

The views opened wide and ushered us into the heavens. This is what we had heard about – the upper section of the climb that makes it unforgettable. The mountains formed a wall around us in every direction. We rode through a great amphitheater of rock, with blooming mountain wildflowers providing the song to the mountains’ quiet.

Ashley Gruber, Peloton Magazine

Climbing the Col du Sanetsch on a Brevet Cycling Holiday

Guests on our Gruyère Cycling Tour sportive holiday benefit from our first hand knowledge of cycling in Switzerland, including guiding you over our favourite climbs like the Col du Sanetsch.

If you would like to holiday like a Pro with knowledgable and friendly guides, Brevet Team Car support then book your cycling holiday in Switzerland with Brevet today.

Cycling Climbs in Switzerland

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Photo Credits: Col du Sanetsch by Ashley and Gered Gruber as seen in Peloton Magazine. Col du Sanetsch profile by Col du Sanetsch by Alain Rumpf on Instagram.

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