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Cycling Recovery

Cycling Recovery

The importance of cycling recovery is underestimated. We asked Brevet soigneur Lydia Durkin to talk us through effective cycling recovery techniques. Over to you Lydia. Cycling Recovery – What’s it all about? If you are experiencing heavy, aching, fatigued muscles a day or two after a race or breakthrough training session you may need to […]

Earn your Alpenbrevet for completing Europe's toughest one day cycling challenge on Brevet's Alpenbrevet sportive holiday.

Alpenbrevet 2013 – Pro Support

The Alpenbrevet is the toughest one day cycling challenge in Europe. Tougher than Etape du Tour 2013 and La Marmotte. Even the “shortest” Alpenbrevet route is longer and harder than the 2013 Etape du Tour with 3,875m of climbing over 132km against The Etape du Tour with 3,500m climbing in 130km. The Gold route is up there with La […]