This FREE La Marmotte Training Plan covers a 12 week cycling training schedule that will improve your fitness, cycling skills and confidence so that you arrive at the start line feeling great and cross the Marmotte finish line with a smile.

La Marmotte Training Plan

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Benefits of using La Marmotte Training Plan

When I reached the top of Alpe d’Huez I was so glad I used the Marmotte Training Plan and stuck to the schedule – I would have been lost without it!

Jo Knight, La Marmotte Finisher

✓ 12 week La Marmotte Training Plan

✓ Weekly emails with training tips

✓ Follow the set training schedule or personalise your plan



La Marmotte Training Plan with Training Tips

This is more than just a Marmotte training schedule; cycling training tips from the pros are built in to the training plan so you can practice specific cycling skills each week:

✓ Climbing cadence

✓ Nutrition and hydration

✓ Bike set up and race day prep

✓ Group riding and a sportive tactical survival guide


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Marmotte Training Plan Contents

✓ Week by week training guide PDF
✓ Weekly Pro cycling tips focused on one cycling skill per week
✓ Customizable cycling training schedule and training diary in a spreadsheet

Is The Marmotte Sportive Training Plan Really Free?

Yes. All we ask is that you confirm your email address so we know that you are a cyclist and not a computer. Don’t worry we’ll never let anyone else have your email address and we won’t send you sp@m. Ever. You’ll receive weekly emails with training tips focussed on improving your technique and fitness. See our Privacy Policy for more on how we protect your details.

Stop worrying and start training today with the FREE Marmotte Training Plan.


Photo credits: Marmotte images used with permission.

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