As Seen In: Brevet Holidays in the News

As Seen In | Brevet Cycling Holiday ReviewsBrevet Cycling Holidays are pretty awesome. But don’t just take out word for it. Check out what these magazines have to say and read these Testimonials from our guests too.

Peloton Magazine

From logistics to ride support, the five-day Alpenbrevet trip was impeccably executed

Heidi Swift, Peloton Magazine

Outside Magazine

Don’t tackle that resolution alone. These trips will teach you skills, lead you up summits, and leave you plenty of time to relax.

 Kate Siber, Outside Magazine

Within the first few corners of the descent I know that the climb was absolutely worthwhile. This is cycling nirvana…if Sony were creating a digital fantasy world through which to descend then it would look like this.

Henry Catchpole, Cyclist Magazine

Cycling Weekly

Each col has its own character, the most interesting of which is the beautiful cobbled sections and hairpin turns of the 19km Saint Gotthard.

Hannah Reynolds, Cycling Weekly

Bicycling Australia

Our guides made the trip an absolute pleasure. They were well organised, friendly, helpful and very well-credentialed.

Gary Hunt, Bicycling Australia

Cyclist Magazine

Last comes the Nufenen Pass, which peaks at 2,478m with an average gradient of 8.5% and spikes of over 20%. My nonchalance at the event’s modest distance has quickly evaporated.

Peter Stuart, Cyclist Magazine

Mountain Higher

When best selling author Daniel Friebe and photographer Pete Goding sought inspiration for the sequel to Mountain High naturally they headed to Switzerland.

Climb the Swiss cols in Mountain Higher

Triathlon Plus Magazine

Triathlon Plus Magazine chose Brevet as “Best for the Luxury Experience” in their guide to the best pre season training camps in Europe.

Read the Triathlon Plus Brevet Review

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