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We Will Go The Extra Mile For You


Stunning Scenery

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  • High quality photos of you
  • Seasoned Dolomites guides
  • Challenging and beautiful routes




Exceptional Hosting

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  • 1 professional guide for every 6 guests
  • Brevet Team Car support on every ride
  • Luxury Spa Hotel 200m from Maratona finish line




Attention to Detail

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  • Comprehensive Ride Briefings
  • Three different pace groups on the road
  • Personalised support from a team experienced in the Dolomites



Meet The Team

We are motivated by sharing the riding that we love with like minded guests.

Brevet Guest Testimonials

What makes us happy? Helping our guests exceed their expectations.

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At Brevet we create challenging cycling adventures in the Italian Dolomites.

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Brevet – noun pronounced breh-vay

  1. a long distance cycling challenge
  2. a rider who has completed a brevet is said to be “audacious”
  3. cycling for the sake of the challenge, the goal is simply to finish and to go farther than you have before


The cycling adventures – or Brevet –  that late 19th Century riders embarked on in the Alps inspired us to create Brevet.

Fuelled by the desire to go further than ever before these cycling pioneers discovered the Alpine terrain that forms the backdrop to our modern day cycling adventures.

We provide the adventure, you provide the legs.

Are you audacious?

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